Capuchin Catechisis and Fun

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

The opening day of World Youth Day 2008 was followed by catechisis given by Capuchin Cardinal Sean O'Malley. The instruction of the Catholic faith has been an essential element of the World Youth Day experience. There were over 300 locations throughout Sydney that took part in catechisis, but ours took place at St. Fiacre's Parish in Leichhardt. Youth from Guam to Turkey took part in the event which included Eucharistic adoration, Mass, confession, and a question and answer session with the Cardinal. Here are some short clips of these moments.

Capuchin Catechisis with Cardinal O'Malley - WYD 2008

There was also a Capuchin Youth Festival held at a local pavilion shortly after the catechisis. There was Christian music, followed by dancing, and great fun. I had no idea Capuchins could party like this!

Capuchin Franciscan Youth Festival - Part I

Capuchin Franciscan Youth Festival - Part II

Lastly, during World Youth Day 2008, Archbishop Charles Chaput was present for Theology on Tap at PJ Gallaghers' Bar and Grill in Sydney Australia. We were blessed to be able to attend the event and support our local Archbishop and brother.
Here are some highlight from that night.

WYD 2008 - Theology on Tap with Archbish Charles Chaput


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